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F2 is an ultrasonic device designed for NDE and quality control for various applications, including resistance spot welds, and adhesive joints. Using the unique technology of multi-channel ultrasonic matrix arrays, this portable and simple-in-operation device is capable of prosucing internal ultrasonic Cscan images of defects and structures.

Our algorithms evaluate the quality determining features that can be compared to predefined specifications. To further improve the operator´s experience, our software assists in making decisions in automatic or semi-automatic mode, guides through the inspection routines with easy to understand graphics, stores the record of the inspected parts and integrates into a larger infrastructures with centralized inspection planning and reporting.


Features (F2 x F1):Vyplňte alternativní text

  • probes with built in identification system (replaceable probe cables)
  • WIFI comunication
  • lower weight
  • modern design

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  • Křovinovo nám. 8/10, 193 00 Praha 9 – Horní Počernice
  • +420 281 922 523

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