Acoustic testing

Test Installations and Equipment

RTE offers you a broad spectrum of test installations. From standard testing equipment to individual special testing installations.

RTE standard equipment for acoustic quality assurance

RTE provides you with measurement and testing techniques, which are integrated ready to use in standard equipment. These are supplemented by type-specific workpiece mounts.


  • inexpensive solution
  • short delivery times
  • tested and reliable


The type-specific workpiece mounts and sensor technology is installed on a base plate. The testing is conducted optionally with the hood open or closed. An optional second test chamber makes it possible to assemble and test reciprocally.

RTE SonicTC.TestUnit front closed 1269x815x24

SonicTC.Cube – front

RTE SonicTC.TestUnit double front closed 240x90

SonicTC.Cube – double front


RTE has developed new mobile testing systems for manual measurements in the laboratory or for measurements in serial production. The previous measuring module, SonicTC.Mobile, was expanded by the “3C” system variation. With this variation, signals with a bandwidth of 51.2 kHz and a maximum sample rate of 102.4 kS/s per channel (when 3 measurement channels are available) can be detected and recorded.


SonicTCVarioSonicTC.Vario is the new concept test bench from RTE. It has a modular construction and can be expanded without problems.

SonicTC.Line (Pacman)


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