Digital radiography

To maximize potential of new generation flat panel detectors of ionizing radiation is needed image optimisation.

System X-Test Digital, fully developed by Testima, allows effectively to use dynamic range of detector.

System X-Test offers complete solution as well: X-ray generator, software and shielding for radiography.

Computed Radiography with image platesVyplňte alternativní text 

Advantages of CR (Computed Radiography):

- results in real time
- flexible solution of digital radiography
  as a substitution for radiography films
– IP‘s are reusable
– no dark room or chemicals required
– exposure and process time reduced significantly
– easy work flow and image optimisation
– simple to share and archive digital information
HD-CR35 NDT - solution for art, museum, etc.
TreFoc technology; manufactured by Dürr in Germany

Automatic Image Plate ScannerVyplňte alternativní text 

HD-CR 43 NDT, brilliant images for heavy workload applications.

With film radiography the only variable is the film. With CR we have different IP‘s and the ability to adjust up to 4 parameters within the scanner to optimise the image quality to suit the required inspection task.
- manufactured by Dürr in Germany

Image Plate CassettesVyplňte alternativní text 

Image plate cassettes with RFID for cyle monitoring and assignment.

Dürr NDT warrants at least 25,000 reading cycles without deterioration with only one image plate.

The Image plate cassettes are available in following Formats:
18 x 24cm
24 x 30cm
35 x 43cm

Direct Radiography with Flat Panel DetectorsVyplňte alternativní text 

Advantages of DR (Direct Radiography):

- as a substitution for radiography films
  with results in real time
– exposure and process time reduced significantly
– easy work flow and image optimisation
- images with an outstanding quality
- you can decide between 14 bit and 16 bit state
  of the art detectors
- solutions for weld inspection, Al and Fe casting, radiography training, security, museum applications, etc.

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