ISONIC 32:32

ISONIC 32:32

Portable Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Recorder

Phased Array Modality

  • 32:32 phased array electronics organized as 1 X 32:32 or 2 X 16:16 - independently adjustable emitting and receiving aperture, parallel firing, A/D conversion, and on-the-fly real time digital phasing
  • Phased array pulser receiver with image guided ray tracing
  • True-to-Geometry and regular B-Scan and Sector Scan (S-Scan) accompanied with all-codes-compliant A-Scan based evaluation
  • Built-in automatic coupling monitor and lamination checker for wedged probes
  • Multi-group / dual side scanning and imaging with use of one probe
  • Encoded / time-based line scanning with Top (C-Scan), Side, End Mapping and 3D Viewing
  • Independent gain per focal law adjustment: pure angle gain compensation for S-Scan, etc
  • DAC, TCG
  • Processing of diffracted and mode converted signals – defects sizing and pattern recognition

Conventional UT and TOFD Modalities

  • 1 or 2 channels
  • Single / dual modes of pulsing/receiving
  • Regular A-Scan
  • Thickness B-Scan
  • True-to-Geometry flaw detection B-Scan – straight / angle beam probes
  • CB-Scan
  • TOFD
  • Strip Chart and Stripped C-Scan
  • FFT signal analysis
  • 100% raw data capturing
  • Powerful off-line data analysis toolkit
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Light rugged case
  • Sealed front panel keypad and mouse
  • 6.5” bright touch screen
  • Ethernet and 2 X USB Ports
  • Remote control – UT over IP
  • Built-in encoder port







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